BHN exclusive: Gay Pride and health, Boston 2009

        The world was an unfriendly place for gay people when the Fenway Community Health Center started in the basement of a Boston church in 1971. They recently cut the ribbon on a 100,000-square-foot building that rivals any of the monuments to medicine on Longwood Avenue.

             BHN visited the Boston Gay Pride festivities on Saturday, June 13 and offers this video update on health and the gay community. (Most people ID themselves. The man in the Hawaiian shirt is Dick Bourbeau from Boston Prime Timers.)



3 Responses to “BHN exclusive: Gay Pride and health, Boston 2009”

  1. Healthcare Economist · Health Wonk Review: Confederations Cup Edition Says:

    […] Boston Health News has a video on health issues in the gay community. […]

  2. Gay Pride and health 2010 « Boston Health News Says:

    […]  A range of health and wellness groups – including AARP – -(See full list below — will be out on City Hall Plaza for the post parade festival today .  You can march down there with the long time champion of LGBT health care Fenway Health. Or you can check out this BHN video from the 2009 festival. […]

  3. How the Supreme Court ruling impacts health care #DOMA #SCOTUS | Boston Health News Says:

    […] BHN looked at gay health issues during the 2009  gay pride events in Boston. […]

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