Massachusetts underinsurance model? Plus, weekly reviews.

Three things.

Boston health week in review: See my look back, posted weekly on the Mass Device website. Also, check out the rest of the site. Devices are a big part of the health industry but don’t get the same attention as pharma.

 masthead-hwrHealth Wonk Review: The latest collection of health policy blogs is up on Managed Care Matters. There, Joe Paduda directs us to video clips of the Senate debate, as well as his own piece about the miraculous transformation of VA health care.  His point – many government-run programs efficiently produce high quality products and services: the Centers for Disease Control, US Coast Guard, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Head Start, AmeriCorps, NIH, the GI BIll, and the National Weather Service. (Some would disagree on NIH.) Also, great postings on the public insurance plan debate, costs and the impact of reform on hospitals. Click here for a HWR archive.   

Massachusetts underinsurance model: Some employer plans “meet the letter but not the intent of the law,” according to a Kay Lazar story in today’s Globe:

Regulators yesterday said that reviews of scores of health plans show many cap the benefits insurers pay each year on prescription drug coverage, exclude maternity coverage for dependents, or place an annual overall dollar limit on benefits.

Jamie Katz, general counsel for the Connector Authority, which oversees the state’s health initiative…said that while rules created by the Connector require, for instance, health plans to include prescription coverage, they don’t address whether such coverage is allowed to have limits.

Also see WBUR’s post on enrollment and the anonymous response to it  about the failure of the Mass plan.  

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