Norsigian of Our Bodies, Ourselves on single payer

First — lots going on in DC this week, including the Obama speech to the AMA, here via MSNBC. Click here for BHN’s favorite links.  Also note today’s WSJ interview with HIT man David Blumenthal.

So, Judy Norsigian of OB/OS and Jennifer Potter of BIDMC and Fenway Health opine in the Globe on why they think single payer approach to health reform will benefit women.  

A single-payer healthcare system would more effectively control costs than any other plan that Congress is considering as it moves toward a reform bill. And by controlling costs, existing resources could be allocated more equitably, especially for the benefit of women.

Update 6/17:  OB/OS  releases an official policy position on single payer 
BHN talked to Norsigian about health reform earlier this month. (Here’s a
link to a discussion of the Gawande story she refers to.)



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