BHN exclusive: Top ten reasons to oppose health reform

First, some business. Mass had its first swine flu death. And, the feds are expected to define meaningful use for HIT today, which will spell out what kind of computer systems will qualify for stimulus funds.

Top ten reasons to oppose health reform — A work in progress.  Add you own!

You’ll have to wait months for that MRI you don’t need. 

You want to keep getting invited to your doctor friend’s house on Nantucket.

Might not be able to pick the 20 doctors who will pop in occasionally during your labor just in case the baby pops out.

I can pay from my own $150,000 heart surgery, thank you.

Worried that HIT will turn you doctor into the robot in Lost in Space: ” Warning! Patient approaching!”

Hey, I have great health care – signed, Prisoner #8640, San Quentin.

Fuck those Massholes, they’re always trying to show off – signed, A-Rod.  

Outcomes, outcomes. Our waiting rooms are much nicer than those in  other countries where they “live longer.”

The emergency room is a great place to spend the day.

I don’t trust the government to pay for my anyone’s care, except my 65-year-old parents who automatically qualify for Medicare.

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