How the Supreme Court same-sex marriage rulings will impact health care #DOMA #SCOTUS

Profoundly, it seems. The decisions to uphold same-sex marriage are just coming out.  Since lots of people get health insurance through their spouses, the impact will be huge. Here is New England, where same-sex marriage is legal, HR offices for federal agencies should expect a spurt in family coverage.

Kaiser Health News posted a what-if story on DOMA in April:

According to a report published by two think tanks, the Center for American 

Progress and the Williams Institute, which conducts 

Screen Shot 2013-06-26 at 11.19.48 AM

research on gender identity and sexual orientation, an employee who buys health insurance for a domestic partner of the same or opposite sex pays $1,069 more a year in federal taxes, on average, than a worker in a heterosexual marriage would pay for the same coverage.

Nine states and the District of Columbia currently permit same-sex mar

riage, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.

The Gay and Lesbian Medical Association filed a brief in the DOMA case.

BHN looked at gay health issues during the 2009  gay pride events in Boston.


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