How to start a rooftop garden and other health/sci outreach programs

Nature Network is offering a theme about scientific outreach, which includes a post on Boston’s  Science for the Public program. On Thursday Dr. John Quackenbush, who runs The Computational Biology and Functional Genomics Laboratory at the Dana-Farber Cancer. gave a very clear, succinct talk on “The Advent of Personalized Genomic Medicine.”

Also, TedX Somerville, a local spur of the hipsterized lecture program, offers this recent talk on Boston’s rooftop vegetable gardens.

After becoming frustrated with lack of access to fresh produce and green space in her Brooklyn neighborhood, Jessie Banhazl left a career in reality television, and moved to Boston. Jessie’s interests and experiences lie in communications, marketing, social entrepreneurship, and organic vegetable production. She has lectured for the American Heart Association and Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare about the current state of our food system and how to make healthy eating choices.



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