Health week in review and a peek at doctors’ notes

See the BHN week in review, hosted by Mass Device, where we try to untangle the news about what kind of health information systems will qualify for federal funds. We also ask — How much of that eco- friendly drug company tower in Kendal Square was paid for by national health care systems in places like Costa Rica, Bulgaria and Libya?

 Also,  the Globe has great story on why doctors may not want you to see their notes on your records. Of course you have access to your official records. It’s the little asides the docs jot down that they fear might be misunderstood. Here’s one the story cites:

 “She worries about money, enjoys her hobbies, and is basically doing quite nicely, although she is certainly dependent on narcotics for pain control at this point and is dealing with underlying depression…”

 Addicted to prescription drugs and depressed = “doing quite nicely”?


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