BIDMC’s Haider Warraich in the NYTimes on how false hope harms patients

The NY Times offers a piece in the Sunday Review urging doctors to be straight with dying patients. From BIDMC doc (and novelist) Haider Javed Warraich: A study of cancer patients and their doctors in the Annals of Internal Medicine a year later found that many doctors didn’t quite tell patients the truth about their … Continue reading BIDMC’s Haider Warraich in the NYTimes on how false hope harms patients


Get healthier with web games

Beyond exergaming. The Institute of Medicine anbd HHS will host a public forum today: The Community Health Data Forum: Harnessing the Power of Information to Improve Health in Washington, DC. The morning session will debut a number of recently developed applications that use community health data before an audience of highly influential policymakers and all attendees. … Continue reading Get healthier with web games

“The short red line gets long — Flu symptoms jump in Mass

BHN has been regularly updating an earlier post. But, it looks like it is time to put H1N1 back on the top of the queue.   11/5 New state weekly report: As illustrated in this week's report, we continue to see dramatic increases in the number of cases of Influenza-like illness (ILI) across the state. … Continue reading “The short red line gets long — Flu symptoms jump in Mass

Screening for Cancer Questioned

BHN thinks this it is huge that the American Cancer Society finally admitted that cancer screening sometimes leads to overdiagnosis. Or did they? This blog item from the Associations of Health Care Journalists notes that ACS backpedaled a day after the NYTimes reported on the society's change of heart. Check out their links too.   (Times writer Gina) Kolata’s story … Continue reading Screening for Cancer Questioned

Health career/EMT training scams

First, the alleged Obama "death panel" has been soundly debunked. See KHN's morning roundup. So, no new health care jobs there. But, a lot of people are looking for new careers. I get a lot of spam about training programs for nurses and techs. I imagine some of them are scams. Buyer beware-- look for accreditation. EMT's skipping their … Continue reading Health career/EMT training scams

State on back-to-school flu issues

From The Boston Globe Massachusetts health authorities took the unprecedented step yesterday of deputizing dentists, paramedics, and pharmacists to help administer vaccines against both the seasonal flu and the novel swine strain expected to make a return visit in the fall. From Mass DPH: We continue our busy summer of planning for the fall flu … Continue reading State on back-to-school flu issues

Me, my mom, my kid and breast cancer + health reform reality checks

(I think technically that should say "My mom, my kid and I" but "me" sounds better here. ) Kaiser Health News has a good roundup of stories this morning on the response to the anti-health reform Teabaggers. The NY Times refers to a new WH web page called “Health Insurance Reform Reality Check.”  Also, will the La Leche … Continue reading Me, my mom, my kid and breast cancer + health reform reality checks

Head surgery and recipes

Stay tuned for developments in this story from the Sweet Amandine blog. By fellow Cantabridgian Jess: Tomorrow, August 3rd, I’ll check into the hospital for one last surgery to repair the hole in my skull. We’re calling it Humpty Dumpty Day, in deference to that tragic nursery rhyme figure whose run-in with a wall left him … Continue reading Head surgery and recipes

What your doctor is really thinking

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center announced their new “Open Notes” project yesterday. According to the hospital new release, the project “will examine the impact of adding new layer of openness to a traditionally one-sided element of the doctor-patient relationship – the notes from patients’ doctors’ visits.” The Globe sort of scooped them and then some with … Continue reading What your doctor is really thinking

Priorities for Comparative Effectiveness + Senate and health reform

The Institute of Medicine, a Congressional research arm, released a list of  “100 health topics  (.pdf) that should get priority attention and funding from a new national research effort to identify which health care services work best.” Among the high priority issues: atrial fibrillation, hearing loss, fall prevention for the elderly, MRSA prevention, localized prostate cancer,  … Continue reading Priorities for Comparative Effectiveness + Senate and health reform