How much would Massachusetts save under single-payer health coverage?

Give Mass Care and other single-payer advocates credit; They don’t give up.  And, they don’t do robo calls. We got a message from a real person yesterday asking us to call our senator and ask him or her to vote for this amendment. It asks the state to estimate how much it would save under a single payer plan.

This from thier website:

On Tuesday, May 15, the Massachusetts Senate is scheduled to vote on a single payer amendment introduced by Senator Jamie Eldridge. …

Here’s what the amendment does: it instructs the state to estimate,  every year, what the state of Massachusetts would be saving under a  single payer plan that would guarantee publicly-provided, comprehensive  care for all residents in the state. If by mid-2014, or any year  thereafter, we find that we would be better off under single payer, the  state will have to develop a single payer implementation plan and start  putting it into practice – much like Vermont is currently doing.

Click here to download the one-page Eldridge amendment, and click here for a short summary. If you are interested in a summary of the whole Senate bill, you can click here.


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