What? Boston Globe on new approaches to hearing loss

Two items worth checking out.

Millions of boomers are now grappling with hearing loss — some of it caused by turning the volume to 11 — prompting companies to develop treatments that improve upon the expensive and often limited-value hearing aids and surgical implants that have been around for decades.

  • CaptureWBUR’s series on “This Moment in Cancer.” BHN has not listened to or read every word, but they’ve lined up an impressive group of health reporters to pull it off. They’ be holing an event today.

So to cap the series, we’ve invited two leading experts to answer some of those questions, and you’re invited as well, in person or on Facebook, to watch and — if so inclined — to ask your own.


New Commonhealth and Ozzy’s genes

Not in the same story

Check out the new and improved Commonhealth on WBUR.org While you’re there, check out Radio Boston’s conversation with new BC/BS CEO Andrew Dreyfus, in particular the discussion of global payments.

From Commonhealth: Massachusetts is the leading laboratory for health care reform in the nation. It is also the hub of medical innovation. But as the nation looks on, what is the reality on the ground here? We’d like CommonHealth to be your go-to source for news, conversation and analysis about these historic efforts as they unfold. Your hosts are Carey Goldberg, former Boston bureau chief of The New York Times, and Rachel Zimmerman, former health and medicine reporter for The Wall Street Journal.

With BHN and White Coat Notes at the Globe, Boston is now a three health-news-blogs town. (Not to mention a lot of niche blogs like The Health Blawg The Health Business blog and Nature Network Boston.)  In blogging, as in  journalism, competition is good. We can see who poaches someone else’s story first.

With that in mind, they did beat me on the link to Julie Rover’s NPR piece on primary care, which features a doc from Maine. But do note that none of the other blogs have this important story:

The Weekly World News — a supermarket tabloid now run as a supplement to the Sun— makes reference to Knome, the Cambridge genome sequencing company. As reported elsewhere, the company is sequencing Ozzy Osbourne’s genome.

Ozzy is interested in finding out why he has survived but the study may well produce an incidental benefit to medical science in general. For instance, it may be that some variant in his genes make this liver better than most at breaking down toxic substances. It that’s true, gene therapies based on Ozzy’s cells could provide powerful weapons in the fight against disease.

Here @ NNB, we scan the all the best medical reporting for links to local scientists.

Blumenthal on Kennedy and Changes at Commonhealth

Commonhealth, WBUR’s group blog on health care, has a new editor — former WSJ reporter Rachel Zimmerman.  

 I’ll be expanding the list of guest contributors, so if you have strong opinions about cost, delivery, access or quality of care in this state, please contact me at zimmerman08@gmail.com. (And if your opinions include photos, charts, or documents, all the better.)

Also, lots of post-Kennedy health reform speculation via Kaiser Health News.

And, one last Kennedy link from me. I knew that Boston doc and Obama advisor David Blumenthal worked for Kennedy. I didn’t know that part of his job was to be on hand in case someone tried to shoot the senator. Blumenthal remembers his boss on the Health Affairs blog.