#Lown2017 activists are meeting to talk about appropriate care and why our health system can’t deliver it.

img_0252One of the sessions at Saturday’s Lown Institute annual conference was entitled “Corruption and Patient Harm in the Medical Industrial Complex.” Today, members are meeting to develop a strategy to challenge all that. (More on their case in The Lancet,)

Keynotes at the meeting outside Boston included global economist Jeffrey Sachs — who spoke the day after the House vote on the ACA. In his remarks, as reported on Twitter,  Sachs ripped the profit-driven health care delivery system. Other speakers included journalist Elizabeth Rosenthal and UNC AIDS doc Charlie van der Horst, a leader in NC’s Moral Mondays movement.

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What worries patients, health providers at #Lown2017

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House# AHCA vote livens up Lown2017 “right care” conference

logoThe Lown Institute’s meeting is taking place as the nation is trying to digest the possible impact of  yesterday’s vote in the House of Representatives.

The group’s Right Care Alliance sees the ACA as an inadequate answer to the problems of cost, access and quality. So, their reaction may not include the same kind of outrage you hear from ACA supporters.  Lown recently delivered their global perspective in a series of articles in The Lancet .

They started right off this morning with a forceful critique of the AHCA  from global thinker Jeffery Sachs .