Hospital philanthropy: Madoff and The $50,000 receptionist desk

Over at Nature Network Boston, we report on campus donations from two philanthropers who had to repay money they earned from Bernie Madoff investments.  MIT was a beneficiary of the Picower family, which this past week got the final order to return $7.2 billion (not a typo) they earned in Bernie Madoff's upscale Ponzi scheme. … Continue reading Hospital philanthropy: Madoff and The $50,000 receptionist desk

Madoff, Shapiro and Boston Hospitals

If Carl Shapiro loses his fortune in the clean-up of the Madoff affair, what will it mean to Boston hospitals and scientists?  The Globe reported on July 6  that the philanthropist’s close relationship with Madoff may cost him much more than it already has. Eleven days ago, while Bernard Madoff was in a Manhattan jail cell awaiting his … Continue reading Madoff, Shapiro and Boston Hospitals