Health care summit streaming live

Health care summit streaming live via the excellent Association of Health Care Journalists.  Or from The White House.  (11:45 Both appear to be down and the moment.) For live blogging: a view from the right at the Cato Institute and a view from the left at the Daily Kos. Also, it is worth noting that health … Continue reading Health care summit streaming live


Snowe: Will History Call Back?

Brown's win has emboldened the GOP to call on Dems to hit the restart button on health reform. Kaiser Health News aggregates it for you, including news that Maine Republican Olympia Snowe is waiting for a call from Dems. From AP via the Globe. PORTLAND, Maine --U.S. Sen. Olympia Snowe, smarting over the way Democrats … Continue reading Snowe: Will History Call Back?

Health bill a go, but no Snowe

The NYTime has a package on the the likelihood that the Senate will pass a striped down reform bill. But, without the support of the senator from Maine. Senator Olympia J. Snowe, a Maine Republican who had been considered a possible Democratic ally, said she would oppose the measure because it was being rushed. “It … Continue reading Health bill a go, but no Snowe

Snowe is a go

The big action was at today's Senate Finance Commitee, where Maine's Senator Olympia Snowe was the only Republican to vote yes on the Baucus plan. The NYTimes ran with reaction just to Snowe's role.  The NYTimes blogged from the meeting. After a five-hour hearing, the Senate Finance Committee voted, 14-9, in favor of a bill overhauling the health … Continue reading Snowe is a go

Misinformation about single-payer in AP story

This bit of misinformation appeared in an Associated Press story in my morning paper, The Boston Globe.  Rep., Anthony Weiner, D-N.Y. Weiner "is one of dozens of Democrats who favor creation of a so-called 'single payer' approach under which the government would take over the health care system." For the record, under the single-payer health care … Continue reading Misinformation about single-payer in AP story

Snowe on health reform: Local coverage

On Maine's Republican Senator from today's Lewiston Sun Journal: Snowe is one of six senators — three Democrats and three Republicans — who have worked methodically during all-day, closed-door meetings for weeks on what they hope will be a widely supported compromise bill to expand access to health care and control costs.   "We don't … Continue reading Snowe on health reform: Local coverage