The Healthtrix: Free your medical records

If BHN decides to write a screenplay based on the ongoing roll-out of health information technology, should it be a comedy, a sci-fi soap opera or corporate-feeding-frenzy thriller? The Healthtrix: (Free your medical records.) Invasion of the EMR Snatchers? Doc Hollywood Goes Digital? Start with a federal agency called “Office of the National Coordinator” and … Continue reading The Healthtrix: Free your medical records

Blumenthal on “meaningful use” — soon

Here are 'today's comments and links from Kaiser Health News about David Blumenthal's definition of the term that will drive stimulus money for HIT:  "meaningful use."  HHS soon will issue guidance and specifications on the definition of "meaningful use" of health information technology, National Coordinator for Health IT David Blumenthal said on Friday, CongressDaily reports (Noyes, CongressDaily, 5/8). "Meaningful use … Continue reading Blumenthal on “meaningful use” — soon