Mainers choose Medicaid expansion, but will they get it?

Our neighbors to the north have been trying to expand their Medicaid program for years. Lawmakers would endorse it; Republican Gov. Paul LePage would veto it.

Apparently that is no longer an option, but he has vowed to find a way.  More from The New York Times

At least 80,000 additional Maine residents will become eligible for Medicaid as a result of the referendum. Maine will be the 32nd state to expand the program under the health law, but the first where voters, not governors or legislators, decided the issue. Other states whose leaders have resisted expanding the program were closely watching the campaign, particularly Utah and Idaho, where newly formed committees are working to get Medicaid expansion on next year’s ballots.

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In #Maine, transparency and cooperation lead to high #health care #quality scores

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From Health Leaders Media, by Tinker Ready

...Maine seems to have made some moves over the years that allowed it to ease into in the era of mega-measurement.

For one thing, the state began wrestling with quality measures more than a decade ago. In 2005, the state employee health plan began rewarding high quality hospitals by offering incentives to patients who used them. In order to do that, Maine had to put a system in place to measure quality.

Michael DeLorenzo is the chief operating office of the Maine Health Management Coalition (MHMC), an employer-led group. The organization was able to do that by deliberately engaging both providers and purchasers in the identification and development of quality measures.

“We don’t think it is more complex than that,” he said