Blumenthal on Kennedy and Changes at Commonhealth

Commonhealth, WBUR's group blog on health care, has a new editor -- former WSJ reporter Rachel Zimmerman.    I’ll be expanding the list of guest contributors, so if you have strong opinions about cost, delivery, access or quality of care in this state, please contact me at (And if your opinions include photos, charts, … Continue reading Blumenthal on Kennedy and Changes at Commonhealth


Kennedy’s legacy and health reform

I'm still on deadline but my 11-year-old son and I rode our bikes across the bridge to see the procession go through the North End  today. (BHN is actually based in Cambridge.)  I was about my son's age when Robert Kennedy was shot.   For more, see the Globe special Kennedy section. I covered Kennedy's Senate committee in the late … Continue reading Kennedy’s legacy and health reform