Infectious disease and Bostonians from Africa

Passing this along from the Running a Hospital blog, which is run by BIDMC chief Paul Levy.  According to World Health Organization reports, nearly half of deaths due to infectious diseases globally, occur in the Sub- Saharan Africa. Particularly, of all the people infected globally by various diseases, 89% of those infected by malaria, 77% of … Continue reading Infectious disease and Bostonians from Africa

Gates Foundation under the spotlight

One saying about international aid goes something like this – Give a man a fish and you feed him for one day; teach him how to fish and you feed him forever. Then there is another point of view – Give the guy the goddamn fish -- he’s starving! Then worry about fishing lessons. Having … Continue reading Gates Foundation under the spotlight

Breast cancer in developing countries

Update 4/16 -- Webcast of the event I didn't intend to become a HSPH calendar of events this week, but this one stood out.  Plus, Jim Smith -- who reported on Latin America  before coming to Boston -- has the back story on in today's Globe Felicia Marie Knaul, a Harvard-trained global health economist living in Mexico, … Continue reading Breast cancer in developing countries

The Boston Globe on infectious diseases

A lot of good infectious disease reporting in the Globe today, starting with Stephen Smith's story on a recent case at MGH.    Massachusetts General Hospital waited four days before alerting Boston health authorities that a wave of gastrointestinal illness was sweeping through patients and staff on one floor. The delay earlier this week is an apparent … Continue reading The Boston Globe on infectious diseases

Partners in Health: Using tech to cure the world

An MIT press release came across my desk this week about Partners in Health (PIH), the Boston-based, international health and human rights group. PIH has begun using PDAs in Peru to help track and treat drug-resistant TB patients, who need two years of intensive therapy.    MIT PhD candidate Joaquin Blaya launched the PDA project in Lima,with PIH's … Continue reading Partners in Health: Using tech to cure the world