HIT: Gearing up for computerized health care

So far, the "The Huffington Post" series on health information technology has pointed out some serious problems and potential complications -- including a tech industry feeding frenzy and medical errors linked to computer or data entry glitches.   Their most recent piece focuses on the upside -- improving care. And, it offers a clear-eyed overview of intended benefits and the barriers … Continue reading HIT: Gearing up for computerized health care

The Healthtrix: Free your medical records

If BHN decides to write a screenplay based on the ongoing roll-out of health information technology, should it be a comedy, a sci-fi soap opera or corporate-feeding-frenzy thriller? The Healthtrix: (Free your medical records.) Invasion of the EMR Snatchers? Doc Hollywood Goes Digital? Start with a federal agency called “Office of the National Coordinator” and … Continue reading The Healthtrix: Free your medical records

HIT safety and Boston-based “dream team”

Healthcare IT News reports: WASHINGTON – If Donald Berwick, MD, is confirmed as administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, he and David Blumenthal, MD, the national coordinator for health IT, would be a "dream team" in pursuing a coherent national healthcare and health IT strategy. At least that's the assessment of Kerry … Continue reading HIT safety and Boston-based “dream team”