House# AHCA vote livens up Lown2017 “right care” conference

A great nation deserves a great health care system - and that means universal coverage. Everybody in, nobody out. @ShannonBrownlee #lown2017 — Lown Institute (@lowninstitute) May 5, 2017 The Lown Institute's meeting is taking place as the nation is trying to digest the possible impact of  yesterday's vote in the House of Representatives. The group's … Continue reading House# AHCA vote livens up Lown2017 “right care” conference


Single-payer lives — in my mailbox

Boston Health News doesn't take sides, so we won't be signing the petition to both Massachusetts senators that arrived in the mail yesterday.  But it is worth noting. The fat envelope features a quote from Bernie Sanders, a document entitled  "Myths and Lies about Single-Payer" and an appeal for donations to Public Citizen, the consumer … Continue reading Single-payer lives — in my mailbox