Docs reject Harvard jobs because of conflict of interest policy?

Well, that's  what Dr. Peter Slavin, president of Massachusetts General Hospital, told STAT news in a story about Harvard's revised conflict of interest policy: Slavin said the change may help with a recruitment problem: “Some faculty don’t come because they perceive that Harvard Medical School has rules that are much too restrictive.” Or they leave, according … Continue reading Docs reject Harvard jobs because of conflict of interest policy?


Harvard Magazine on Atul Gawande

In my struggle to earn a  living as an independent journalist, I often wish I had a day job. But, maybe one a little less demanding than Dr. Gawande's.  Here's a  Harvardy profile. The medical writing for which Gawande is best known represents only a small fraction of his professional output. He is a surgeon, and a busy … Continue reading Harvard Magazine on Atul Gawande

Harvard muzzles med students

Sept. 11 update -- Harvard backs down Do not even get BHN started on the topic of free speech on campus. Let's  just say that many thin-skinned universities apply the concept of academic freedom very selectively. Harvard Medical School is apparently one of them. When doctors-in-training got a copy of their updated student handbook , … Continue reading Harvard muzzles med students