2/26 : Big chickens, big data and more. #Health and #medicined #events in #Boston this week

Pick of the week. 

Tuesday  at 7: “Big Chicken.”   Maryn McKenna.   Harvard Book Store, 1256 Massachusetts Ave.  Details. Mckenna is a clear, lively writer who owns this topic.

Still time to get there

Monday 2/26 11am“The Road to the Future is Paved with Data.”   John Quackenbush.   Tufts:  Ballou Hall, Coolidge Room.   Details.

Genomics has transformed biological science not by producing genome sequences and gene catalogs for a range of species, but rather through the development of technologies that allow us to survey, on a global scale, organisms and their gene, protein, and metabolic patterns of expression

Tuesday 2/27

6pm.  “Convergence in Biomedicine.”   Phillip Sharp.   MIT:  E51-335.   Details, Abstract.

Convergence arises when multi-disciplinary teams are supported, collaborations rewarded, and environments made available for training.

Wednesday 2/28

7p.  “Biosafety in a World without Walls.”   Todd Kuiken.   BosLab:  339R Summer St, Somerville.   Details, Abstract.

Join us for a presentation and discussion with special guest Dr. Todd Kuiken on a look back at the DIYbio community and envisioning the future of this group.

Friday  3/2

9-5p.  “Translational Neuroscience: Bridging the Gap.”   A conference.   The Broad Institute, 415 Main Street, Cambridge.   Details, Abstract, Registration.

Building on the strengths of the local Boston community in academic research, pharma, biotech, and clinical medicine, the aim of this LabLinks is to bring together researchers from across the translational neuroscience community to discuss the current state of the field.

Thanks to bostonsciencelectures.com. Some events have limited access or fees.

Coming up next week

March 5-6.  “VR and Healthcare.”   A symposium.   HMS:  Martin Conference Center.  Details. Abstract, Registration. $999 registration fee with one day and student discounts.  

*Thanks to bostonsciencelectures.com. Some events have limited access or fees.