Investigative health reporting lives: Milking Medicare

The latest in health data reporting  from ProPublica: Medicare paid for more than 200 million office visits for established patients in 2012. Overall, health professionals classified only 4 percent as complex enough to command the most expensive rates. But 1,800 providers billed at the top level at least 90 percent of the time, a ProPublica analysis … Continue reading Investigative health reporting lives: Milking Medicare

Berwick: More Dr. Death mongering

The Globe’s Susan Milligan reports today on the attempt by Republicans to tag Harvard professor Donald Berwick as a death merchant.  Berwick runs a research program that looks at ways to cut waste and improve health care services.  He is up for the job as head of The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, an … Continue reading Berwick: More Dr. Death mongering

Boston’s Berwick to run Medicare

AP is reporting that Obama will nominate Massachusetts pediatrician Donald Berwick -- head of the  Institute for Healthcare Improvement Cambridge--to oversee Medicare and Medicaid. The timing of the nomination is important because Berwick, if confirmed by the Senate, would take over an agency that has not had a permanent chief executive since Mark McClellan stepped down in the fall … Continue reading Boston’s Berwick to run Medicare