Health Policy Commission versus Partners

Lots of amazing research and care happens at Partners Healthcare, and we pay a bonus for it. Or, as  Boston Globe writer  Priyanka Dayal McCluskey puts it "Partners has long been criticized for using its power in the health care market to extract higher payments from insurers and driving up health care costs." But, Partners faces scrutiny … Continue reading Health Policy Commission versus Partners


How to find health and science events in Boston

The Boston Science and Engineering Lectures website includes links to a lot of labs and a lot of talks.  Frill-free, constantly updated and -- despite a disclaimer -- very thorough, the site's calendar is a reminder of the benefits of living in a college town with three medical schools and some of the world's most … Continue reading How to find health and science events in Boston

New Commonhealth and Ozzy’s genes

Not in the same story Check out the new and improved Commonhealth on While you're there, check out Radio Boston's conversation with new BC/BS CEO Andrew Dreyfus, in particular the discussion of global payments. From Commonhealth: Massachusetts is the leading laboratory for health care reform in the nation. It is also the hub of medical innovation. But … Continue reading New Commonhealth and Ozzy’s genes