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 Overdose prevention: Still using, but still alive. Massachusetts and other states are trying a new approach to heroin addiction that aims at keeping addicts alive until they can get sober. The Health Show, WAMC, Albany, New York.  September 2010.

 Can Computers Save Health Care? This story talks about the obstacles that emerged during the effort to create a medical records exchange for Newburyport, Massachusetts doctors, hospitals and patients.WBUR, World of Ideas, December 27, 2009; WAMC Albany, March 2, 2010; New Hampshire Public Radio, March 3, 2010.

Student work

Soccer Sideline Politics

During the 2008 debates, then VP candidate Sarah Palin said one way to gauge the nation’s economy angst would be to “go to a kids’ soccer game on any Saturday and turn to any parent there on the sidelines and ask them…” So, we did. November 2008, WTBU, Boston University

Power Voting

A student-driven project called “Powershift” used the 2008 election to get youth interested in the battle to stem climate change. October 2008, WTBU, Boston University.

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