Globe: Will court ruling on the #AffordableCareAct impact #Massachusetts?

This morning’s Globe quotes Donald Berwick, MD, on the potential impact of last week’s court ruling declaring the ACA unconstitutional in Massachusetts.  Readers not yet eligible for Medicare take note.

…Massachusetts relies on billions of dollars in federal funding every year to provide coverage to lower-income residents, and the state’s health care system is deeply entwined with the federal system. So major disruptions to the federal law would extend here, several health care experts said Monday.

If the decision issued Friday were to stand, “it would be a disaster” said Dr. Donald M. Berwick, senior fellow at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement in Boston and a former administrator of Medicare and Medicaid under President Obama.

For more, see Kaiser Health News coverage of the ACA. 

Some stats from the Massachusetts Health Insurance Survey.

Figure on uninsured in MA



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