How many #marijuana puns can you fit in a lead? Find out as #Massachusetts opens its first recreational #pot shops.

Hey bud. It’s a green day in Massachusetts. Not to be blunt, but it’s a stone-cold fact –  marijuana /weed/ kush/grass goes on sale legally at two stores today. Medical marijuana has been on sale for a more than a year. Now, leaf peepers can score over the counter.

Recreational operations  with names like Commonwealth Cultivation and Caroline’s CanCapturenabis need state approval to grow, sell, transport, process and test pot

What does this mean for the state’s medical marijuana industry? Some medical sites will switch to or add recreational elements; some will remain dispensaries. Medical cardholders buy their supplies tax free.

For those without a medical marijuana card who want to see if pot can ease their pain, nausea or seizures, they now have a chance.

The Globe has a marijuana page, where it will  employ “robust high-standards journalism, hold industry and government accountable — all while writing with clarity, urgency, and style.”

Sounds a little like the description of some of the strains. Like Tangerine Haze, which one seller promises ” can help start your day with energy and euphoria. Many patients are using this strain to stimulate appetite and elevate their mood. This strain may be best for those with high-stress lifestyles.”

The state is asking people to be cool.  So, before you hit the baked sale to satisfy your stimulated appetite, read the rules. 

BOSTON—Upon issuing notices today for two retail marijuana establishments to commence adult-use operations in Massachusetts, the Cannabis Control Commission (Commission) is urging adults who will enter stores for the first time to know the law and consume responsibly.Capture

More on Massachusetts marijuana:

Globe: Hundreds of people wait for hours in long lines to purchase recreational marijuana in Massachusetts




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