Registration is open for Midsummer Nights’ Science

Four lectures at the Broad in Cambridge. Air conditioning. Food. Word has gotten out so, you need to register.

Who gets PTSD and what helps
Karestan Koenen
Media reports of traumatic events such as sexual assaults, terrorist attacks, and catastrophic disasters have become commonplace. While many people think of post traumatic stress disorder in relation to soldiers returning from war, the majority of people with PTSD are civilians. In this talk, Karestan will cover how people respond to such experiences, why some people develop PTSD, and what we know about what helps people recover from these common experiences.
July 18


Pediatric brain cancer
Pratiti (Mimi) Bandopadhayay
July 25
Genetic-guided development of therapeutics
Jesse Boehm
August 1
The Eliana Hechter Lecture: The GIANT Consortium
Joel Hirschhorn
 August 8



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