As digital health matures, so does the population. Boston meeting looks @dhealth2018 and aging.

4898606253_4e2af86630_mThe BIO meeting is getting all the attention, but across town, today’s dhealth Summit bills itself as a ” national forum for health and technology leaders, entrepreneurs, senior care advocates and policymakers to exchange ideas, create new relationships, and foster disruptive technological and process innovations to improve the lives of the nation’s aging population.”

Watch is live or follow it on Twitter @dheatlh2018. BHN hopes to live tweet the final keynote from  Troyen A. Brennan MD,  the CMO of CVS Health. He’ll be speaking on Health Hub, what the Globe described as the possible “genius bar of health.”

CVS Health wants to be a new “front door” to the health care system, like the Genius Bar at Apple stores, where customers can walk in and seek help.

The pharmacy giant and Aetna, one of the nation’s largest health insurers, unveiled plans Monday that they say would transform the consumer health care experience and bring down medical costs by using thousands of CVS retail locations across the country to provide a broader set of services to patients.

But the bold strategy drew questions about how the merger of CVS and Aetna would shake out and how exactly it would affect consumers. Some specialists wondered if patients would rely on their local CVS as much as they would their doctor or hospital.

A few tweets:


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