Live Monday morning, 2/2: The Importance of #ReproductiveHealth to Ending #HIV”

Monday morning: Watch it on You Tube. 

Local Speakers: 
Lynn Matthews, MGH / Seth Bloom, MGH / Rebecca Zash, BIDMC / Kunjal Patel, HSPH

aids slide
Mofenson slide

Invited Speakers:
Lynne Mofenson, Elizabeth Glaser Pediatrics AIDS Foundation

See “Risk of HIV Acquisition during Pregnancy and Postpartum: A Call for Action”

Pregnancy hormone-associated changes in the female genital tract, including changes in vaginal epithelial thickness, the vaginal and gut microbiome, and an increase in CCR5 co-receptor expression, may create a favorable milieu for HIV acquisition in the female genital tract during pregnancy

Craig Cohen, UCSF School of Medicine / Jeanne Marrazzo, UAB School of Medicine / Lena Serghides, University of Toronto / Jeffrey Stringer, UNC-CH School of Medicine

Joseph B. Martin Conference Center, Rotunda Room, HMS | 77 Avenue Louis Pasteur, Boston

Morning Session: 
HIV Prevention in Pregnancy and Periconception:  The Role Of the Microbiome

Afternoon Session: 
What Will It Take to Eliminate Mother to Child Transmission Of HIV?  Challenges to HIV Treatment in Pregnancy (followed by a poster session and reception)

Please click here to register or visit for more information.


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