BI: Partner’s #security chief warns:”You can do a lot with the information contained in a #healthrecord,” including get a credit card.

partners gatewayBusiness Insider quotes MGH Chief Medical Officer O’Neil Britton who spoke at Hub Week on hospital cybersecurity.

We have 72,000 employees with credentials to log into our computer system,” says O’Neill. “Our network has many components, including a financial clearance system and an electronic health records database. Not all 72,000 employees can get into each component, but having this number of people can make it easier for criminals to access our network with a phishing attack, for example.” (He emphasized that his organization has implemented some robust anti-phishing training for employees.)

Despite enabling great convenience, technology can also increase the potential for harm. “You can do a lot with the information contained in a health record: get a mortgage, file insurance claims, open a credit card, get a mortgage,” says Jagar Kadakia, Chief Information Security and Privacy Officer of Boston-based Partners HealthCare. “It’s way more valuable than a credit card number.” To steal a few thousand paper records would require a truck. To steal the social security numbers, addresses, and driver’s license data for 136 million Americans would only require a USB drive. I


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