Boston Globe editorial calls on states to “step up and improve Obamacare.”

From today’s staff editorial: 

capture2-e1499698190804Despite President Trump’s efforts to repeal his predecessor’s signal domestic achievement, the Affordable Care Act has survived the first year of this vindictive presidency. But it needs help from individuals states as the Trump era proceeds.

When repeated efforts to repeal the law failed, the administration tried to undermine it by reducing the length of the annual enrollment period and the publicity for it. Still, some 8.8 million people enrolled, down less than 5 percent from the 9.2 million who signed up in 2016. Despite the administration’s false and shameful insistence that the law has collapsed, for those who qualify for premium tax credits, the ACA still offers a good deal on health coverage.

A story in the NYTimes today suggests this shift is happening.

WASHINGTON — The Affordable Care Act was conceived as a mix of publicly funded health care and privately purchased insurance, but Republican attacks, culminating this month in the death of a mandate that most Americans have insurance, are shifting the balance, giving the government a larger role than Democrats ever anticipated.

And while President Trump insisted again on Tuesday that the health law was “essentially” being repealed, what remains of it appears relatively stable and increasingly government-funded.


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