Should #guns be allowed in #hospitals? Is there any way to keep them out?

B0000200Should hospitals be gun-free zones? Another shooting — this one at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center in New Hampshire — is a reminder that they are not. Some think they should be. That can be difficult given the quasi-public nature of hospitals.  Others disagree, saying that there should be no-gun free zones.

Earlier this summer, the Brooklyn shooter was a doctor. 

Here, it was the hospital security guards.

In Philly, a doc shot back after a patient shot a case worker and came for him.

In Boston, a man fatally shot his mother’s doctor.

As this 2015 story notes: 

While a federal law bars guns from schools, state laws regarding guns in hospitals vary. In some states, including Texas, hospitals are designated gun-free zones.

But some lawmakers, like Texas State Representative Drew Springer, don’t think banning guns will stop criminals from shooting in health care settings. He introduced a bill in the past legislative session that would have allowed staff and family to bring firearms into hospitals for self-defense. The bill expired with the session, but he plans to keep pushing the issue.

“The gun-free zones do not stop the crazies who are going to commit these actions,” Springer says, noting that they only prevent people at the hospitals from defending themselves. He says his district includes some rural hospitals that have limited security staff. Also, several nurses have told him that want to take their guns to work for protection.


More here from SciAm


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