All eyes should be on Massachusetts (again) as the state moves beyond expanding coverage to tackling health costs.

The Massachusetts Health Policy Commission is an organization that my peers at the Health Wonk Review can get excited about But the public should too. In health care, smaller cost increases are considered a victory. All of the testimony from hospitals and other healthcare players for an October 3/4 hearing on cost trends is already posted online   

Here’s what chair Stewart Altman writes about their latest report. altman book

“The CHIA report shows positive news for the Commonwealth, chiefly, health care spending increased 2.8% between 2015 and 2016, well below the 3.6% benchmark set by the HPC. Since the establishment of the HPC five years ago, the state, on average, has been below the cost growth benchmark as set forth in law, and lower than national growth trends.

“However, even with these positive trends, there continue to be areas of concern – and challenges ahead. Overall affordability remains an issue for our residents, businesses, and the state. The HPC is anxious to dive deeper into the data and the policy issues they raise at our upcoming Health Care Cost Trends Hearing on October 2 and 3. Through this and other public forums, and our ongoing policy development and programs, the HPC will continue to push the industry to find solutions to create a more transparent, accountable, and affordable health care system on behalf of consumers and businesses in Massachusetts.”



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