Coming up: Midsummer Nights’ Science at the Broad Institute

msns-banner_1120x410Get out of the heat and learn about ancient DNA, cancer prevention and “how automated microscopes and advanced software may transform the drug discovery pipeline by providing new and more rapid insights into cellular biology.”

Midsummer Night’s Science, which starts on Jule 12, is a summer treat — insightful talks, AC and food at the Broad Institute in Cambridge.

And, if you haven’t been to Kendall Square in a while, take a stroll around. The maze of concrete, numbered MIT buildings has been transformed in recent years into a maze of new restaurants, brew pubs and coffee shops.  For better or worse, East Cambridge is turning into a  Silicon Valley/Brooklyn/pharma theme park.  Great if you like good food, and craft beer. Not so great if you are looking for an apartment or a parking space.


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