Boston surgeons can help patients get a new penis, or lose the old one

CaptureNot at the same place. Both the Globe and WBUR report today on Boston Medical Center’s new male-to-female gender reassignment surgery program. News comes just after MGH’s announcement of the first penis transplant.

From the Globe

Boston Medical Center plans to become the first hospital in Massachusetts — and one of a few in the country —to offer gender reassignment surgery, responding to a growing and unmet demand for treatment in the transgender community.

The hospital said more than 100 patients have already signed on to a waiting list to be evaluated for surgery — even before it has widely publicized the program. Boston Medical Center has long provided primary care, mental health services, and hormone therapy for transgender men and women, and most of the patients considering surgery are from the Boston area. Capture2Across the country, many hospitals have been reluctant to offer male-to-female and female-to-male genital surgeries, but health care providers said that is slowly changing as insurance coverage expands and public acceptance of transgender people grows.



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