Boston voices in stories on telemedicine and hotels as hospital step-down units

Some Boston links in these story from Health Leaders Media.

connected healthIn a story about telemedicine, Joseph Kvedar, MD, vice president of the Partners’ Center for Connected Health in Boston, says that at two recent health industry meetings “every panel and every conversation had something on telemedicine and virtual visits.” Telemedicine is taking off, but there is resistance from regulators in at least one state, and stubborn questions about reimbursement and efficacy in general.

This column about hospitals discharging patients to hotels starts in Boston and heads out westHLM:

The Wyndham Beacon Hill hotel uses its proximity to Massachusetts General Hospital as a marketing tool. The hotel website includes a hospitals page featuring a blonde model in a white coat with a stethoscope around her neck. The hotel offers a link to each of the city’s hospitals, discounted rates for patient families, and access to a shuttle bus.  

The Wyndham isn’t alone. Often, patients have to travel long distances to places like Boston for specialized care. So hotels have grown up around large hospitals to offer shelter to caregivers. And sometimes patients, too sick to travel home or waiting for follow-up care, need a night or two of lodging as well.

But hospitals have different protocols—or none at all—when it comes to discharging patients to hotels. And hotels have different capacities for hosting them.

But the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s bloodborne pathogens standard applies to all.

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