Good-bye Boston Globe health section. For real this time.

front globeLast time The Boston Globe said it was shutting down its health and science page, it didn’t, really. The weekly section migrated to Monday’s G, a daily tabloid. Now, G is gone and so is the section. The new broadsheet feature sections debuted today and Monday’s theme is “Family.”

What this means in the age of digital newspapers is not clear. We hope the paper will be able to skip the old news and services stories that sometimes dominated the G section and focus on the great health and science reporting to be found both in print and online. Like this:

The dean of one of America’s top medical schools was stunned.Jeffrey Flier, who presides over Harvard Medical School, had just finished reading a story about the televised death of a man in a New York emergency room, a death aired
without the family’s permission.

“How could this be allowed to happen?” the incredulous dean recently tweeted from @jflier.

Four minutes later came a reply tweet from Dr. Gerard Doherty, chief of surgery at Boston Medical Center. “The same group is filming a trauma series at your place (MGH) and ours (BMC) right now. On balance — good public education.” 

The exchange highlights the roiling debate over privacy rights, with TV crews capturing the drama and pathos in hospital emergency rooms amid the most vulnerable patients.

The issue is especially timely as network news crews are camped in three of Boston’s big teaching hospitals filming a show expected to air later this year.

And, maybe a link on the health section on the homepage? As it is, you need to click on the “News” crumb at top to get to the Health and wellness page. And, maybe keep the content on that page up to date? The lead story is from 12/27.

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