Dr. Hatch and the other Minutemen taking aim at Ebola

UMass Medical docs were already working in Liberia when the Ebola epidemic began raging. So, it’s no surprise that  Dr. Steven Hatch’s name keeps coming up in New York Times stories about Ebola care. (See links below)  Now, a $7.9 million grant will bolster the Umie effort by funding both care for patients and training for Liberian  docs. In this case, the UMass warrior mascot seems appropriate: Go Minutemen!

From the UMass press office:

Hatch’s  latest appearance is in a story focusing on a clinic caring for a women who had lost both her husband and her infant to ebola. 

He and others often rely on their instincts and experience. When Ms. Sayon’s second blood test for Ebola came back, the results were negative, but the doctors were wary of releasing her. She was bent over in a chair, shaking. Her eyes and cheeks were sunken. Keeping her in the ward for suspected cases risked infecting her with the virus, but the physicians reasoned she already had significant exposure from her family, and virus detection can sometimes lag symptoms by up to three days. (They also suspected there might have been a mix-up because of labeling problems that day with blood samples that the new center quickly worked to fix.)


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