Health sites evolve as and split up property

ssNow that and have gotten divorced, don’t expect to see Globe bylines on health page. The health blogs don’t seem to be over there anymore either. But, it’s a beta site and we hear they are still dividing the property.

Chelsea Conaboy, who did a nice job with both White Coat Notes and her reporting, has departed to Portland. She still lives on the page if you’ve bookmarked it, but it looks a tad neglected —  no links to it and last post was April 4.  And no sign over there of Daily Dose, which still lives on the  Click on the old link and you get a empty page telling you it has moved. Find posts from Deborah Kotz here for now.

With the divorce, came a crack in the paywall. Non-subscribers can get 10 stores per month for free, where you can still read the Globe’s strong health and science reporting.  That is if you can find the health page. There is no link or crumb on the home page — click on “News”  to get to it.

All is still free on, where you’ll find substantial wires stories mixed in with aggregation, links and listicles. It is what it is. We know much of this is temporary and evolving. We wish them well.

Along with a lot of meaty wire copy, here’s some of the lighter fare they are serving up today:

  • Do and don’t (grilling)  with a quiz – Which burger to eat, the red one or the brown one. Links to the Hearth Patio and Barbeque Association
  • Five simple ways (to be sane)  
  • 9 travel snacks
  • 2-time cancer survivor plans to run marathon. 
  • Tootht tattoos are real




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