If lab rats could talk: What I readlly learned from “LOL my thesis” #gradschool #research

LOLmyThesis Twitter feed

The Globe science blog is behind the paywall, So, thanks to CJ  and NPR for alerting us to this.

“About a month ago, a Harvard University senior launched the equivalent of an academic online confession booth: a collection of one-sentence snarky summaries of their theses.

The blog, LOLmythesis, is a tongue-in-cheek celebration of the futility and incrementalism that can seem to be at the root of a project that has basically co-opted a person’s life. Called “LOLmythesis,” for laugh-out-loud my thesis, it’s become a legitimate meme, drawing entries from sarcastic thesis students from universities across the world.

Harvard senior Angie Frankel told the origin story of LOLmythesis on National Public Radio , explaining that “I have killed so many fish” sometimes just feels much more accurate than the true title of her thesis.”

From asthmatic mice, we learn that asthma is really fucking awful for people.

Immunology, North Dakota State University

Does blowing lines blow your mind? A study of cocaine use and depression

Public Health, Columbia University

 Similarity between people and rats: Sleep deprivation makes them angry.

Neuroscience, Washington State University

Use it or Lose it

Bioengineering, UC Berkeley & UCSF

It is possible to build an academic career out of injecting globs of virus into people’s eyes

Genetics, Trinity College Dublin

People who have larger emotional brain volumes are better at emotions.

Psychology, University of Wisconsin – Madison

Upon meeting rsv, dendritic cells haul ass to the nearest lymph nodes and demand t cells to “wake the f$%# up!;” however, without a particular protein, the dcs start blabbering nonsense and make quite a mess in the lungs of mice.

Molecular and Cellular Pathology, University of Michigan

Women mathematicians in film are young and exceedingly attractive; male mathematicians in film are old, white and socially inept (except Jeff Goldblum in Jurassic Park)

Science Communication, Imperial College London

This popular brain imaging method is sort of accurate as far as I can tell. Please enjoy this pretty map I drew of monkey brains.

Medical Physics, University of Wisconsin ‘Diffusion tensor imaging and tractography in the rhesus macaque brain.’

  We spent thousands of government dollars to create a mouse model for a disease only 32 people in the world have.

Biological Sciences, University of Maryland

 A protein that might be involved in muscle development, might be involved in moving junk around the cell, and is definitely a bitch to work with.

Biochemistry, University of Notre Dame

Intersexed people generally don’t like having their junk reconfigured as babies without consent. And no one else does either.

Global and Population Health, Psychology, University of Sydney.

I thought doctors understood how vaccines work; turns out no one does.

Biostatistics, University of Bordeaux (France)

Turns out my 3 years of research made zero ripples in reproductive biology. But spending 3 years researching bull sperm serves as a great first date and bar topic.

Reproductive Biology & Nutritional Sciences, Cornell University



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