Globe: BU sports #concussion doc plays for both teams

Today’s Globe has a terrific story on conflicts of interest for BU’s Dr. Robert C. Cantu, the go-to expert on  football concussions.

The story is behind the pay wall, but click here for a great interactive graphicglobe ss

He is America’s concussion doctor, a pioneer in the fight against sports-related brain damage. …

Yet for all his contributions, Cantu’s roots in the field have grown so tangled that his connections with parties on many sides of the concussion crisis have become emblematic of the conflicting interests in the football, helmet, medical, and scientific communities.

Cantu has worked for and against the NFL. He has been paid to help set helmet safety standards for the National Collegiate Athletic Association while accepting tens of thousands of dollars to submit testimony for players suing the NCAA over head injuries. And corporations that Cantu has served or promoted have contributed more than $1.3 million to entities he helped to create, including a research center, concussion foundation, and charitable endowment.

(Disclosure: TR teaches at BU.)


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