Who says young people don’t care about health insurance? #aca #obamacare

imagesOver at BU’s Daily Free Press — the independent campus paper — poli-sci/math major Sara Ryan tries signing up for insurance at healtcare.gov.  She too hit some roadblocks,  but had this to say:

So, should you care about my little experiment? It demonstrates that the website has potential. It’s not incredibly difficult to use 

when it’s operating properly. Of course the last part of that sentence seems to be giving the administration a bit of a hassle right now, but that doesn’t mean we should abandon the principle of the program.

I’m not saying that the Obama administration hasn’t fallen down on the job, because it very much has. According to a Reuters r

eport released Tuesday, a consulting firm let the administration know about certain issues as early as six months prior to the website’s launch. The administration made an enormous mistake in this regard. Obamacare will either be the crowning jewel or the fatal blunder for Obama, so to overlook or ignore these extensive issues is a risky gamble.

If they cannot fix the issues quickly, Obamacare will be DOA (haha, medical joke).

This program has the power to be wildly successful and insure millions of Americans.


One thought on “Who says young people don’t care about health insurance? #aca #obamacare

  1. Young people absolutely care about health insurance, I couldn’t agree more. College grads this year will have another year under their parents, but after that it’s all on them. The launch of the website was awful, they should’ve gotten some young people from tech to do the website correctly. Thanks for the share.

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