Two events: Using communications technology to improve health care

Find a full week of events here.

Tuesday Night:

Mobile & Healthcare Seminar: Connected Health – The Future of Managing Health and Wellness?

British Consulate/Uk Trade & Investment – One Broadway Cambridge, MA


  • Jonathon Dreyer, Director of Mobile Solutions Marketing, Nuance’s Healthcare Division
  • John Moore, New Media Medicine Group, MIT Media Lab
  • Anne Pelz, Manager Product Management, PHT Corporation

 Total U.S. health care expenditures were estimated to be $2.8 trillion in 2012, and is expected to grow steadily unless significant reforms take place.   Connected health, or remote care delivery, is viewed as a critical component to the changes that are eminent in our healthcare system to help lower costs for providers, payers and patients, as well as to improve overall care.

If we can empower patients and arm them and the extended care team with mobile technology such as mobile devices, applications, sensors and monitoring devices, we can help the patient manage their own care and work collaboratively with their care team to obtain quality care and improve their own health.  Yet there are still many barriers to adoption and success including; patient engagement, cumbersome visualization that is difficult for the average person to read and understand, integrity of data being shared across platforms and interfaces, and access and knowledge of technology.

Our panel will provide insights using real case examples and talk about the future of MHealth. Come prepared to be part of this dialogue.

Wednesday, 5pm :mit ssrc

Conversations on Complexity
Please join the MIT community for a seminar series highlighting a systems approach to critical contemporary issues.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology — Suffolk building, 292 Main Street. Cambridge, MA

Every year the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs provides services to more than 6 million veterans and their families at 1,400 sites and 153 medical centers.

Julie Andren and Shahed Al-Haque will examine two service delivery challenges within the Veterans Health Administration (VHA). They will discuss how the VHA is leveraging telehealth capabilities across the enterprise to increase quality health care access. They will also outline recomendations for improving health care delivery to veterans seeking care outside of their home network.


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