Globe column: Milk as “liquid crack”?


Could be argued that the low-fat push long ago took some of the gloss off whole milk’s wholesome image — thus the milk moustache ad campaign/counter attack . For a more measured take on the safety and nutritional value  (pdf) of dairy, see  The Center for Science in the Public Interest.

From the Globe:

THE DOCTOR says my 10-year-old daughter needs to cut down on an insidious beverage that’s of dubious nutritional value, leaches calcium from our bones, and can make her fat.

Skim milk.

Forget demon rum. Now there’s demon milk, vilified by the anti-dairy lobby and the anti-dairy-subsidy lobby. But it’s a favorite of the Graham family lobby, which goes through six gallons a week.

It’s liquid crack, really, distributed through a network of suppliers who speak a language users don’t understand, and who conspire, with the government’s help, to manipulate us into wanting ever more of their product through shrewd marketing campaigns


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