Harvard event: Can mobile apps improve health care in South Asia?

harvard event

Here’s how Wired describes HealthTap “A network of patients and doctors where patients can find doctors, and ask medical questions of specific physicians (for a fee) or to entire network. HealthTap already rates the doctors in its system based on how often they use the site to answer patient questions, and if other doctors agree with those answers. Now it’s adding information about which doctors get referred to the most so patients can find the most trusted MDs.”

Founder Ron Gutman will be at Harvard today to talk about  using the technology to improve health in India.

At 4 p.m.  in room K262, 1737 Cambridge Street, Cambridge. Free and open to the public.

For more health events this week, check out the BHN calendar.

Also, check out the story from “Daily Dose” blogger Deborah Kotz for the latest on good fat v. bad fat. 

What’s…clear is that Americans often received bad advice to eat as little fat as possible when it was first discovered that reducing saturated fats could reduce cholesterol, and especially after researchers demonstrated that the practice could prevent heart attacks. Too many of us embraced fat-free cakes and cookies after swearing off cheddar cheese and steak — and often gained weight as a result of the excess sugar and calories.


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