Pharma reps bring docs back to the (4 star) table with loosening of Mass. gift ban — Globe

The Globe business page offers this report.  Nice dinner table graphic, but looks a bit like a Lego block. 

bcomm health logoLast fall, however, the state relaxed the restrictions, and Brady, along with other restaurateurs, is counting on a return of the lucrative drug company business.

The ban, among the most restrictive in the country, took effect in 2008 and prohibited pharmaceutical companies and medical-device makers from buying physicians meals outside their workplaces. The goal was to prevent manufacturers from unduly influencing doctors’ decisions about what drug brands they prescribe.

But for some restaurants, the result was a drop in revenue, according to Stephen Clark, the Massachusetts Restaurant Association’s director of government affairs, who based his assessment on members’ anecdotes. Affected businesses, he said, ranged from upscale bistros to casual sandwich shops.

More here from BHN.

For more of the activist POV, check out Health Care for All.

For the industry POV, check out PhRMA.


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