How to find health and science events in Boston

The Boston Science and Engineering Lectures website includes links to a lot of labs and a lot of talks.  Frill-free, constantly updated and — despite a disclaimer — very thorough, the site’s calendar is a reminder of the benefits of living in a college town with three medical schools and some of the world’s most elite hospitals.

A look at the health talks on today’s list offers the following:

12:15p. “Food’s Environmental Footprint: The Potential, Limits and Politics of Life Cycle.” Susanne Freidberg. Tufts: Jaharis Family Center, Behrakis Auditorium, 150 Harrison Ave. Details.

3 – 4:30p. “Stem Cell Therapy and Medical Tourism: Of Promise and Peril?” A forum. HLS: Austin Hall, Room 111. Details.

4p. “3000 bacterial genomes: What have we learned?” Ramunas Stepanauskas. Single Cell Genomics Center. MIT: 48-316, 15 Vassar St. Details.

4p. “Some Mathematics of Immunology and of Protein Folding.” Steve Smale. MIT: 46-3002 (Singleton Auditorium). Details.

4p. “Up in Smoke: The Long Run Impact of Improved Cooking Stoves.” Rema Hanna. A forum discussion. Kennedy School: Littauer 382, 79 JFK St. Details.

4:30p. “World Energy Outlook.” Fatih Birol, Chief Economist, Director, Global Energy Economics, International Energy Agency. MIT: Wong Auditorium, Tang Center (E51-115). Details.

5 – 8p. “Synthesizing the Future of Synthetic Biology.” Martin Goldberg and Timothy K. Lu. Synthetic Biology Group. UK Trade & Investment, 7th Floor, One Broadway, Cambridge. Details & Registration.

in Health and Disease.”

Richard Flavell.
HMS:  Armenise Amphitheater, 210 Longwood Avenue.
(It is policy that a Harvard ID, or hospital affiliate ID, must be shown to get into the
Armenise building, though I have been told that security will let you in if you specify
that you are attending a lecture.)


7p. “What’s in your Genes: Whole Genome Sequencing and its Impact on Personalized Medicine.” HMS: Armenise Amphitheater, 200 Longwood Ave. Details.


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