#Heroin, opioid deaths still high in Massachusetts #overdose #harmreduction

The Commonhealth blog links to a JAMA piece from some NU docs on how to best prevent opioid overdoses.

Here’s the direct link.

Opioid overdose is a burgeoning public health crisis, accounting for at least 16 000 deaths annually in the United States.1 Opioid overdose occurs across sex, ethnic, age, and geographic strata and involves both medical and nonmedical opioid use. To date, federal government response has focused primarily on monitoring and securing the drug supply.1 This Viewpoint suggests various steps necessary to support a more comprehensive approach.

Click here for some background on how the state’s overdose prevention program see this radio piece. A  new report entitled  Common Health for the Commonwealth offers an update.

Megan Goughan, a former counselor at a Cambridge homeless shelter, explains how to use Narcan, an overdose antidote now available to active heroin users.


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