Boston meetings cover personal #genetics and #medicaldevices #AVAMED2012 #CGC12

The nation’s medical device makers move their meeting from DC to Boston this week. “Advamed 2012” starts today at the Boston Convention Center.  From the Globe:

…(C)ompanies are now grappling with slowing economies, mounting cost pressures, regulatory risks, and a new federal tax on medical devices that will help pay for the national health care overhaul but could cost device makers an estimated $29 billion over the next decade.

While the business outlook is cloudy at best, competition between states and nations to attract medical technology companies is heating up. This week’s convention will be a giant arena for such lobbying efforts.

Not seeing any coverage promos at  MassDevice  or Boston Biz Journal and wondering what’s up with that. But, if you can sort out the news from the PR, you can follow #advamed2010 on twitter.

If you are interested in your own genome and prefer running your own sequencing device in the comfort of your home, tune into the Consumer Genetics Conference at Boston’s Seaport Hotel. There speakers will discuss topics like this one:

This unanticipated cottage industry is struggling with growing pains in a mix of conflicted regulators, restless innovators, and demanding consumers. Genetic information, like all information, “wants to be free,” but the commercialization environment is not yet optimized for personal freedom.

Both have hefty registration fees, so Twitter might be the way to go. The hashtag for the genetics conference is #CGC12.


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