In MA, where to find latest news about Supreme Court health care ruling #hcr #hcr2 #aca #scotus #boston

Where to find news about the impact of the Supreme Court health care ruling

So, the ruling  — whichever way it goes – will play our differently here in Mass, because we have our own system in place. Find live coverage at this link.  And, we’ve got a lot of homegrown experts. So, here are a few tips.

  • On Twitter, follow #HCR #HCR2 #SCOTUS and/or #ACA
  • Tune in Stewart Altman of Brandeis, who will appear on On Point at 10. He’s got a new book on the history of health reform and he has DC health policy chops that go from Obama back to Nixon.
  • The Globe and WBUR both have excellent health policy/finance reporters are likely to offer good coverage. Check out WBUR’s Commonhealth as well.
  • For a national perspective, you can’t beat Kaiser Health News. Or check out the posters from the latest edition of Health Wonk Review. This folks write about this stuff every day.
  • Physicians for a National Health Plan — not this one, but a single-payer plan — will issue a statement. Rather than see the ACA as a step in the right direction, they see it as reinforcing the problems with private health insurance.

So, that should get you started. We’ll update this post after the ruling comes out.


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